Bundle Overview

The bundle packs a collection of 44 premium quality fonts and is available at a massive 99% discount until March 2. We compiled a list of cover images below so you can have a brief look over the items included in the bundle. Keep in mind that some of these cover images are made for packs of 3 or 2 fonts so the total number of previews below is different than the total amount of individual fonts (we're not talking about different font weights or italics but unique different fonts). Keep scrolling to see better and more detailed previews for each font!

Midnight (2 Fonts) by ARTISANS

Midnight is a dancing script font that was handcrafted and then live traced to obtain a unique grungy brush feeling. The writing style is very natural and I'm sure that you will find it very useful. The package also contains a support font called Solmet Brush and a collection of swashes.

Midnight offers multilingual support and can be used for various purposes such as headings, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, letterheads, signatures, labels, posters, badges etc. To enable the OpenType stylistic alternates you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & Corel Draw X6-X7. OTF & TTF files included.

Braveheart (3 Fonts) by ARTISANS

The pack features 3 great fonts: Braveheart, Braveblood and Bravelove. You can see a preview of all 3 bellow. Braveheart was designed as a handwriting font and it has modern and unique calligraphic features. It is a vast collection that has multilingual support and features tons of characters. You'll find tons of swirls, ligatures, swashes, etc. OTF, TTF and Webfont formats are included in the set. Enjoy!

Aqualita by ARTISANS

Aqualita features 2 fonts: a bold and an italic version. It has multilingual support and features tons of additional characters such as standard ligatures, stylistic alternates and ornaments. To access the OpenType stylistic alternates you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS, Adobe Indesign & CorelDraw X6-X7. OTF & TTF and Webfont files are also included.

Antero by ARTISANS

A modern calligraphic script font that also features some wonderful alternative glyphs. The set contains swashes, contextual alternates, standard ligatures and stylistic alternates. The font also has multilingual support featuring multiple language characters (as you can see in the preview images below). OTF, TTF and Webfont (EOT, SVG & WOFF) files are also included so you can easily use this font across multiple platforms.

Lettuce by ARTISANS

If you need a modern calligraphic font to use in your next design project then this one has you covered. It is a handwriting inspired typeface that has modern and unique calligraphy features. The writing style feels natural and authentic. Lettuce includes a massive amount of 354 glyphs (including 185 alternate glyphs). It also contains standard ligatures and stylistic alternates and multiple extensions such as OTF, TTF and Webfont (EOT, SVG, WOFF) are also available.

Scylla & Scylla Sans (2 fonts) by ARTISANS

A bold font duo with flexible characters. This is a nice combination of fonts that go well together and will help you create great design work for your next project. Both fonts come in OTF and TTF formats and feature multilingual characters. Scylla (the first font) also features ligatures, swirls and special characters. I personally really like these clean bold fonts and I think they can come in handy in many different design scenarios.

Bromello by ALIT DESIGN

Introducing Bromello, a handmade modern script typeface. Bromello is an ideal font for wedding card design, logotype, website headers, fashion design and many more. The package also contains a couple of brush strokes that can be used in Photoshop (.abr filetype). As you can see in the images below the font features all the standard characters + numerals and punctuation signs, accents (multilingual characters) contextual alternates, swashes and stylistic alternates. A truly complex and fun to use typeface!

Vroffloow (2 fonts) by ALIT DESIGN

This is a pack of 2 different fonts: one is a modern style brush script and the other is a sans serif typeface. The characters are very unique and fun to use. The fonts will look great and be very readable even in small size (eg. 12 pt) and in bigger sizes the fonts will show great details. OTF & TTF files are included and you will also get a bonus set vectorial decorative items (swirls, leaves, floral items, coffee stains and more). Scroll down to see more previews of this great font set!

Alitide by ALIT DESIGN

Introducing a western style display typeface called Alitide. This is an all-caps font featuring a modern western style. OpenType features with stylistic alternates are also included. To access the alternate glyphs, you need a program that supports OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator CS or Adobe InDesign. You can use this font for various purposes such as logo, t-shirt, poster, label, letterhead and book cover design. OTF & TTF files are included and you will also get a collection of bonus vector files for Illustrator (featuring various skulls, decorative items and motorcycles).

The Faino by ALIT DESIGN

The Faino is a font that features a brush handwriting style. Characters are very unique, and feature a detailed brush texture. The font is suitable for a wedding invitations, badges, food menus, and pretty much anything you can think of. Small size characters (eg. 38pt letters) still look very good and are readable and bigger sizes will display great details. OTF and TTF file formats are available and you will also find an italic version of the font inside the package.


Another high quality and detailed textured font that looks great at small sizes but displays lots of details if you use it for bigger text such as headlines. The characters are very unique and fun and can be used for various design projects. As a bonus there is a collection of 11 watercolor brushes for {hotoshop included in the pack. OTF & TTF file formats available for the font.

Roomfer (2 fonts) by ALIT DESIGN

This is another great set that features 2 different fonts: a bold handwriting brush style one and a sans all-caps support font. These 2 fonts look great together and you can combine them to create new awesome designs. If you are into brush fonts then this one is for you! Scroll to see more details in the pictures below.


Kemayu is a script font that was created using a handwriting technique that required the use of an art pen and digital editing. The font is best suitable for more dynamic and playful looking designs rather than formal ones. It looks good and it's readable even at small sizes and comes in 3 variations: normal, bold and italic. OTF & TTF files are included. You will also get a bonus set of decorative vector items.

Godfeem by ALIT DESIGN

The next font on the list features a brush handwriting style and is great for using in various design projects such as badges, flyer design, t-shirts and more! There are 2 versions included: normal and italic and they both come in OTF and TTF file formats. The font features multilingual support and it also contains lots of alternates, ligatures and ornaments. See more below!

Oscar by SIWOXS

Introducing Oscar, a modern calligraphic script font with tons of characters (almost 520 glyphs). The font has OpenType features (stylistic alternates, ligatures, contextual alternates, swooshes and multilingual support) that can be accessed in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw X. Comes in both OTF and TTF extensions.

Zilvia by SIWOXS

A modern calligraphic font that can be used in various design projects such as logos, signatures, labels, posters, badges, t-shirts, etc. It is a simple and beautiful font that also features additional characters like standard ligatures and swashes. It comes in OTF, TTF and Webfont (EOT, SVG and WOFF) extensions. Inside the package you will also find a file with extra glyphs (in both OTF and TTF extensions).

Salsabilla by SIWOXS

This font features tons of glyphs ranging from basic latin characters and numbers to symbols, alternates, ligatures and swashes. The font also has multilingual support meaning that it includes special characters for different languages. This is a truly beautiful calligraphic and modern script typeface that will help you design great products. It includes OTF, TTF and Webfont (EOT, SVG and WOFF) files so you can easily use it across multiple platforms.

Naira by NDROADV

Here's a modern calligraphic script with a feminine, fresh and simple design. This font will help you create beautiful design work and will really prove useful on the long run. As many of the fonts of this type, Naira Script can used for various purposes such as envelope design, logos, titles, wedding invitations, letterhead, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc. OTF & TTF file formats are available and for your convenience there is also a set of watercolor patterns included (can be used with Photoshop).

Naonweh by NDROADV

This next font is something a bit different than the ones you saw so far. We're trying to give you variety so you can use this bundle in various projects with different themes so we also included Naonweh. If you like vintage style graphics then you will surely like this font. It includes lots of characters with cool features such as stylistic alternates, ligatures and it has great language support.

You will also find included a sans serif version of this font which is a bit thinner and can be used to compliment the main font. You will also get a series of bonus ornaments (in AI and EPS formats for Illustrator). OTF & TTF files available for both fonts.

Millet by NDROADV

Introducing Millet Typeface with stylistic alternates, ligatures, and bonus swashes. It comes in 2 variations (Bold and Italic) and it features a bonus file with swashes. There are also multilingual characters, symbols and numbers included. The pack also includes both OTF & TTF formats and Webfont files (SVG, WOFF, EOT) for both the italic and the bold version.

Stellanova by IAN MIKRAZ

Stellanova is a handmade script typeface that is suitable for wedding invitations, greeting cards, retro/vintage designs and really any design that needs a natural and personal touch. Mix and match the alternate characters to add an attractive look to your design.

The font features a total of 338 glyphs including alternate characters like stylistic alternates, ornaments, swashes and more. You can access all these alternate characters by using programs that support OpenType features such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign. OTF, TTF, SVG, EOT, WOFF and WOFF2 files included.

Octavina by IAN MIKRAZ

Octavina Script is a new handwritten stylish font that adds a classic and elegant touch to the traditional copperplate typography style. The font features a huge amount of 394 glyphs including 216 alternate characters like stylistic alternates, ligature and more. You can access all these alternate characters by a software that supports OpenType features like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and Corel Draw X6-X7.

If you plan on using another software that doesn't support OpenType features or Glyphs Panel (eg. Photoshop) then you can use Character Map in Windows to access the alternate characters.

Miracella by IAN MIKRAZ

Miracella Script features 530 glyphs including 342 alternate characters, which can be accessed using software that supports opentype features. Alternate characters include stylistic alternates, swashes, ligatures and more. You can use software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and CorelDraw X6-X7 to access these alternate characters. The font also features multilingual support (special characters) and comes in various file formats like OTF, TTF, EOT, SVG and WOFF.

Harmonie by IAN MIKRAZ

Like all the other fonts by Ian Mikraz that were featured so far, Harmonie also includes a huge number of characters, 239 to be precise. This is a really elegant and stylish font, which mimics handwriting. It features standard ligatures, stylistic sets and it has multilingual support. The pack includes standard OTF and TTF files plus Webfont EOT, SVG and WOFF files enabling you to use the font across different platforms (Windows, OSX).


As the title suggests this is a bold handmade font, which features stylish characters. This font can help you create beautiful things like headlines, magazines, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, signs, labels, posters, badges and pretty much any kind of designs that you can imagine. As you will see in the preview images below the font supports OpenType features (alternate characters) and also features multilingual characters.


Callera features 300 glyphs, has 2 styles of initial & terminal forms, contextual alternate, ligatures and multiple language support. It's a handmade font that features stylish characters and has a dynamic and playful look. To access all the alternate characters you need a software that supports OpenType features such as Illustrator. The font works fine with any software but to unleash its full potential you may want to access the alternates as well.


This is a great and clean vintage looking font. It features uppercase and small caps characters and it is great for labels and brand names, posters and headlines especially. Numbers and symbols are also included. If you need something to create a design that draws attention then this font may be a great choice.

Tropica Island (2 fonts) by TRY & ERROR STUDIO

Another font duo pack, which features 2 great bold brush typefaces. The fonts are simple and good looking and look great when combined in the same design. You can use these for various purposes such as headlines, magazines, logos, wedding invitations, t-shirts, labels, posters, badges and all kinds of design projects that require this type of fonts. I really like that they look great on colorful backgrounds so that might be something that you'd want to explore.

Labours by AKUFADHL

I really love bold fonts and this one is even better as it has this handcrafted look to it. I think it would look great with some grunge textures on top or even watercolor effects. As many of the fonts already presented, this font also has OpenType features and contains character alternates, lovely ligatures and has great language support (alternate characters). I think it's best suited for headlines but you're free to use it with anything that you think it fits.

Talisman by AKUFADHL

A simple and clean handcrafted font that looks truly beautiful. It's all-caps but features 2 different styles for uppercase and lowercase. OpenType features like the ones mentioned in the other font descriptions are also available and as a bonus there's also a collection of ornaments included (in .eps format).

Supreme by AKUFADHL

Supreme is a handcrafted font with 4 Stylistic alternates, 26 letters, ligatures, numbers and some multilingual characters. It is suitable for any vintage themed design but I think it can be used in many more design scenarios. It looks great when it's small so it can be used for large chunks of text as well rather than just headlines.
A great serif typeface that successfully emulates typewriter characters. The pack includes 2 fonts: Esther Regular is a set of upper & lowercase serif characters that includes a large range of punctuation glyphs, numerals, and multilingual support (a full set of stylistic alternates for lowercase characters are also available) and Esther Exhaust, which is the dry ink version of the regular one. Open Type (OTF) and True Type (TTF) as well as Webfont (SVG, EOT, WOFF) file formats are also included for both fonts.


Fibon Sans is a new transitional sans-serif type family in 6 weights. It is a balanced, low contrast, geometric, highly legible typeface very well suited for any display and text use. Its curves make it a dynamic typeface when writing text, ideal for those who want to add modern touch to their compositions. Fibon Sans is an excellent choice for fashion magazines, logotypes and shops. This OpenType font family offers also support for CE languages. Includes ligatures.


As the name and the pictures below suggest, this is a bold handmade set of type characters, which is great for posters or headings in disc albums and videogames. It looks awesome when combined with handmade serif fonts. As you can see in the previews below, the font also features multilingual support and it comes in 2 styles: bold and bold oblique. OTF, TTF and Webfont files are available for all the versions.


Introducing Marinaio a hand crafted serif narrow font designed by Valerio Dell'Edera. This was inspired by rubber-stamping and carving. This font sincerely says "I'm perfect for business cards, custom stamps, coffee table books, invitations and more". There are many alternate ligatures available within the font including gg, fi, tt, ff, ft, li, fh, fj, ffk, ffb, fl and wi.

The anatomy of every character is basically a tall and black serif with softened edges to replicate the vintage printing effect or rubber-stamp. This makes everything feel lighter while also featuring heavy details. OTF and Webfont formats are available and a set of vector ornaments for Illustrator (.eps) is also included.

Apashy by GRAPTAIL

Apashy was inspired by cafe lettering and it was designed to be used when creating branding materials destined for cafes or restaurants. This, however, doesn't meant that the font can't be used to create other kinds of design work - it is also suitable for t-shirts, posters, logos, etc. The font has a sweet and delicate rounding around the edges that makes it look delicious. Apashy also includes Opentype Features and multiliangual support and is available in both OTF & TTF file formats.

Realist by GRAPTAIL

The last item on the list is a handcrafted typeface inspired by vintage style posters and ads. "Realist" features a classic look that will help you create any kind of vintage inspired design work. It comes with 279 glyphs and includes alternates, ligatures and multilingual support. This is an all-caps font but the upper case letters are a bit different than the lowercase ones as they feature a distinctive highlight effect (more like a 3d effect that makes the letters pop out - you can see a comparison in the pictures below). OTF & TTF files included.

Commercial License Included

For your convenience we also included a commercial license that allows you to design and use these items as much as you like! We know that reading license terms can be very boring so we tried to compile the essential in a pleasant looking and simple presentation below.

Bundle Overview

Here's one last good look at nearly all the fonts included in this bundle. Keep in mind that some of these images are covers for multiple font packs and we're not talking about just different font weights or italics, we're talking about different individual fonts. You may have noticed that some of the font packs presented above include 2 or 3 different fonts.

Some of the packs also feature bonus content such as vector images and decorative items or watercolor effects. We've been using some of these bonus watercolor effects to create additional preview images for some of the fonts and they look and work great!

We did our absolute to bring you this great collection of premium quality fonts, which will help you create stunning work that you'll be proud of, and we hope that you will love this bundle as much as we do!
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