On AlienValley you can find both free and premium (paid) resources. The usage conditions of both free and premium resources are the same, the only difference being the price you pay for them.

We retain all copyright on all of our products and while you can use them for commercial purposes, you are not allowed to copyright or trademark those designs. Keep in mind other people will also use the same graphic resources or products that you use.


Whether you purchased a resource from our website or downloaded a freebie, you are allowed to use it for commercial purposes. Eg. You may use a resource to help you create your own custom work and integrate it into something that you are already working on. You are allowed to use our resources to make mobile apps, games and websites intended for sale.
You can also use our items to create printed material and sell it. Eg. Books, flyers and brochures.

We don't like it when we see resources that are for sale and after you spend your money you're only allowed to use it for a limited amount of copies, we'd like to change that and we're allowing people to use our items for an unlimited amount of times. That means you can download a set of icons and use it as many times in as many designs you like at no additional price. Cool stuff, right?

Attribution is not required, even in case of free resources but it is always appreciated.


You may not redistribute our resources without given permission. This means that you are not allowed to host or send the downloaded resources (free or not) to other people directly. If you downloaded a freebie from our website and would like to share it with a friend then please send him/her the item link instead of directly sending him the resource. He/She will still be able to download that resource and will also get to know about our website and that's really cool with us :)
You are allowed to use our UI kits to make your own website/app but you can't share the PSD or ZIP files that we provided.

You are not allowed to sell our items without given permission.
We might occasionally participate in bundles and deals with third party websites but that doesn't mean you can take our resources and sell them on your own. While you are allowed to sell the work derived from the resources you download, you may not sell our items as a stand alone.
Our items are designed to help and you are not allowed to make our resource the main part of your product.
You may use mockup creators to create graphics for your brochure, website or app that you intend to sell but you may not use it to create stand-alone mockups intended for sale.

You are not allowed to use a resource for commercial purposes if the resource represents the core value of the work that you intend to sell. Eg. you may use a mockup creator to create presentation images for a product that you intend to sell or as placeholders in a website template or even to create banners for your website but you may not sell parts of it independently or create images of scenes that you intend to sell on their own.

For logos and logo creators: you or your customers are not allowed to trademark the logos created using these packs. Keep in mind that this product is sold to a larger audience so other buyers will also use it to create their own designs.


You are really encouraged to feature our resources by publishing screenshots of our resources along with the link to the item page. You are not allowed to host the freebies or premium resources on your servers or upload them on any other third party websites. You are also not allowed to link directly to the zip on our website and steal bandwidth.

If you'd like to collaborate with us and distribute our premium resources to get a percent of the sales you make then feel free to contact us via the form on the contact page.


We're aware that we might've not covered all the questions you might have and we know that there can be different situations which require further information. If you have any uncertainty then you can send us an e-mail via the contact form on the contact page.